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This song is by Brightly and appears on the album One for Sorrow, Two for Joy (2016).

Are you a puddle or an ocean?
Are you drowning, are you floating?
Are you still, are you in motion?
I know what you were hoping that you could disappear for a moment
But nothing's ever easy is it, my love?

Somehow you'll drift away from this crowd
Somehow you'll drift away

Are you wasting away? Oh, my dear, how I worry
I don't know what to do but I swear that I'm sorry
And nothing you've done was worth nothing at all
When you sleep do you dream somewhere deep underwater?
Safe in the depths, no despair, no quarter
Still somehow I know you will rise again

You're will rise somehow
You're going to leave this crowd
Somehow you'll fly away

Can you feel it in your bones darling?
They're never going to stop you now

You're going to burn up the sky tonight
You're not going to drown, you're floating away now
So there's an ocean to cross, I can tell you, my dear
That there's nothing that's going to hold you here
I know that you're worried but honestly you do not need to be
'Cause you're with me, you're with me

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