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Keep Me Close

This song is by Brightly and appears on the album Oh, Infinity (2015).

I was wandering
Out of sight but listening
I heard your voice somewhere near
Like a song I haven't learned

And kiss me hard
Tell me 'bout those little scars
Carved into the very earth
That holds us in its hand

Keep the fire lit
Keep me close, keep me in orbit
Show me how the heavens open
If you look just right

And I will keep a leaf
Bury it in a book you'll see
Every time that you walk past
That shelf on which we belong

Hold me in the street
I don't even care who sees
They can throw us in the ocean
Where we will sink like stones

And if you're with me there
I won't cry, I won't be scared
I could hold my breath forever
If you held my hand

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