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This song is by Brightly and appears on the album Beginnings & Endings (2013).

I met a fox
On a road that I crossed
In a park that I'd seen
In a pitch black dream

She asked my name
'Cause we seemed the same
We both liked the sea
And old movies

So we got along
Though we hummed different songs
She wrote on my arm
Little messages

Like "Hello, goodbye"
And "See that blue sky"
And I was amazed
At her dexterity

Oh, fox
Oh, fox

And she could be rude
And silly and crude
She put sticks in the spokes
Of my bicycle

And when I hit the ground
With a deafening sound
She rolled around
Laughing uncontrollably

And when night would fall
We'd have cookouts and talk
About if everyone hears
And can see the sounds

Of time and of space
Oh gravity, oh haste
And the world spinning round
The world spins round

Oh, fox
Oh, fox
Oh, fox
Oh, fox

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