Bright Eyes:Letting Off The Happiness (1998)

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Album by Bright Eyes.
  1. If Winter Ends
  2. Padraic My Prince
  3. Contrast and Compare
  4. The City Has Sex
  5. The Difference in the Shades
  6. Touch
  7. June on the West Coast
  8. Pull My Hair
  9. A Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction
  10. Tereza and Tomas
Bonus track on Japan release
  1. Empty Canyon/Empty Canteen


  • Conor Oberst - songwriting, vocals, guitar, drums, keyboards, piano
  • Mike Mogis - keyboards, sampler, noises, guitar, pedal steel, organ, melodica, drums, piano, chimes
  • Andy Lemaster - percussion, vocals, bass, guitar
  • Matt Focht - drums, percussion
  • Jeremy Barnes - drums, keyboards, accordion
  • Ted Stevens - drums
  • Kevin Barnes - keyboards, vocals
  • Matt Manginn - bass
  • Matt Oberst - guitar
  • Neely Jenkins - vocals
  • Aaron Druery - Ebow bass
  • Robb Nansel - finger cymbals
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