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Don't Give Up

This song is by Bride.

Here we are
Face to face
The race against time
I go on and believe
One day you'll be mine
I've been trying for so long
But I won't give up
'Cause there's only one way
And that way is I

CHORUS: (2x)
Tic tac don't give up
I won't stop till I reach the top
Tic tac don't say stop
Never let it go

Nothing seems to be real
So what can I do
Is it magic I feel
When I am with you
I just long for your tough
So what can I say
I be lonely and blue
If you go away


(Tic tac don't give up)
(Tic tac don't give up)
I never let it go
(Tic tac don't give up)
I never let it go, no


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