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Edge of a Broken Heart (1987)Edit

Briar - Edge of a Broken Heart

Edge of a Broken Heart

  1. Edge of a Broken Heart (cover of "Edge of a Broken Heart" by Bon Jovi)
  2. Don't Forget Me When You're on Your Island

Crown of Thorns (1988)Edit

Briar - Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns

  1. Crown of Thorns
  2. Frankie
  3. Just Another Day in the Life of a Fool
  4. Back and Wild
  5. La Bamba
  6. One Foot Back in Your Door
  7. Spirit of the Wood
  8. The Boys Are Back in Town
  9. Empty Words
  10. Everyone's Going Crazy
  11. Fart

Additional information

Artist information:
  • Disbanded
Years active:

1979 - 1993

Band members:
  • Kevin Griffiths
  • Dean Cook
  • Darren Underwood
  • Dave Fletcher
Former members:
  • Dean Rogers
  • David Tattum
Record labels:

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