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Walk Alone

This song is by Brian Webb and appears on the album Broken Folk (2002).

You drive me crazy,
maybe cause' you are

You loved me too good,
probably for your own

You tried to hard to make this work,
And now it is both

And you're alone

And it would be easy to get angry
And it would be easy to grow cold
It would be hard to try to understand all of this
Even then I'm not so sure we even could

I don't want to make this sound like a warning
with all of this talk about forever
Let's just start walking in the morning
And see if we wind up together
I want you to live without regard for me
And in the end I think thats better
To just start walking in the morning
and find we walked alone together

There is a letter in the corner
On my coat that someone kissed
from a lover on the trail
of something I think we both missed
It says 'this fear will leave you frozen
Your expectations relieved at best
But relief is never joy, but only
a distant second best'
So go on and walk towards something perfect
where you ran from something less
And in the wake of a little forgiveness
Will lie a soul that moves at rest
Here lies a soul that moves at rest


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