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The Knife Feels Like Justice (1986)Edit

Brian Setzer - The Knife Feels Like Justice
The Knife Feels Like Justice
  1. The Knife Feels Like Justice
  2. Haunted River
  3. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  4. Bobby's Back
  5. Radiation Ranch
  6. Chains Around Your Heart
  7. Maria
  8. Three Guys
  9. Aztec
  10. Breath of Life
  11. Barbwire Fence

Live Nude Guitars (1988)Edit

Brian Setzer - Live Nude Guitars
Live Nude Guitars
  1. Red Lightning Blues
  2. Rockability
  3. Rebelene
  4. Nervous Breakdown
  5. Every Tear That Falls
  6. Temper Sure Is Risin'
  7. When the Sky Comes Tumblin' Down
  8. She Thinks I'm Trash
  9. Love Is Repaid by Love Alone
  10. Rosie in the Middle
  11. So Young, So Bad, So What
  12. Rain Washed Everything Away

Rockin' by Myself (1998)Edit

Brian Setzer - Rockin' by Myself
Rockin' by Myself
  1. Gene and Eddie
  2. Oh, Boy!
  3. Crawdad Hole
  4. Runaway Boys
  5. Be-Bop-A-Lula
  6. Stray Cat Strut
  7. Foggy Mountain Breakdown
  8. Broken Man
  9. Cry, Baby
  10. Bye Bye Love
  11. I Fought the Law
  12. C'mon Everybody
  13. Rebelene
  14. Can't Help Falling in Love
  15. Summertime Blues
  16. Twenty Flight Rock
  17. Rip It Up
  18. Mystery Train

The Brian Setzer Collection '81 - '88 (1999)Edit

The Brian Setzer Collection '81 - '88
The Brian Setzer Collection '81 - '88
  1. (She's) Sexy + 17
  2. Rock This Town
  3. Summertime Blues
  4. The Knife Feels Like Justice
  5. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  6. Echo Park
  7. When the Sky Comes Tumblin' Down
  8. Cross of Love
  9. Every Tear That Falls
  10. Thing About You
  11. Waitin' for Desiree
  12. Bobby's Back
  13. Keep Your Lovin' Strong
  14. Living Souls
  15. The Rain Washed Everything Away
  16. I Won't Stand in Your Way
  17. Runaway Boys
  18. Chains Around Your Heart

'68 Comeback Special: Ignition! (2001)Edit

Brian Setzer - Ignition!
'68 Comeback Special: Ignition!
  1. Ignition
  2. 5 Years, 4 Months, 3 Days
  3. Hell Bent
  4. Hot Rod Girl
  5. 8-Track
  6. '59
  7. Rooster Rock
  8. Santa Rosa Rita
  9. (The Legend Of) Johnny Kool, Pt. 2
  10. Get 'Em on the Ropes
  11. Who Would Love This Car but Me ?
  12. Blue Café
  13. Dreamsville
  14. Malagueña

Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy (2003)Edit

Brian Setzer - Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy
Nitro Burnin' Funny Daddy
  1. Sixty Years
  2. Don't Trust a Woman (In a Black Cadillac)
  3. When the Bells Don't Chime
  4. That Someone Just Ain't You
  5. Rat Pack Boogie
  6. Ring, Ring, Ring
  7. Drink Whiskey and Shut Up
  8. Smokin' 'n' Burnin'
  9. Wild Wind
  10. St. Jude
  11. To Be Loved
  12. When the Bells Don't Chime (banjo mix)
Disc 2
  1. Luck Be a Lady

Rockabilly Riot! Volume One: A Tribute to Sun Records (2005)Edit

Rockabilly Riot! Volume One: A Tribute to Sun Records
Rockabilly Riot! Volume One: A Tribute to Sun Records
  1. Red Hot
  2. Slow Down
  3. Real Wild Child
  4. Rockhouse
  5. Put Your Cat Clothes On
  6. Lonely Weekends
  7. Get It off Your Mind
  8. Just Because
  9. Glad All Over
  10. Flatfoot Sam
  11. Rock 'n Roll Ruby
  12. Blue Suede Shoes
  13. Tennessee Zip
  14. Mona Lisa
  15. Peroxide Blonde in a Hopped Up Model Ford
  16. Get Rhythm
  17. Stairway to Nowhere
  18. Boppin' the Blues
  19. Rakin' and Scrapin'
  20. Sweet Woman
  21. Flyin' Saucer Rock and Roll
  22. Lonely Wolf
  23. Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache

13 (2006)Edit

Brian Setzer - 13
  1. Drugs & Alcohol (Bullet Holes)
  2. Take a Chance on Love
  3. Broken Down Piece of Junk
  4. We Are the Marauders
  5. Don't Say You Love Me
  6. Really Rockabilly
  7. Rocket Cathedrals
  8. Mini Bar Blues
  9. Bad Bad Girl (In a Bad Bad World)
  10. When Hepcat Gets the Blues
  11. Back Streets of Tokyo
  12. Everybody's up to Somethin'
  13. The Hennepin Avenue Bridge

Rockabilly Riot! All Original (2014)Edit

Brian Setzer - Rockabilly Riot! All Original
Rockabilly Riot! All Original
  1. Let's Shake
  2. Rockabilly Blues
  3. Vinyl Records
  4. Lemme Slide
  5. Nothing Is a Sure Thing
  6. What's Her Name?
  7. Calamity Jane
  8. The Girl With the Blues in Her Eyes
  9. Stiletto Cool
  10. I Should'a Had a V-8
  11. Blue Lights, Big City
  12. Cock-a-doodle Don't

Songs on CompilationsEdit

Songs on SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Don't Trust A Woman (In A Black Cadillac)

Additional information

Artist information:


  • Instruments: vocals, guitar
Real name:

Brian Setzer is a performance name for Brian Robert Setzer.

Years active:

1979 - present

Brian Setzer is a member of:
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