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The Rambling Blade

This song is by Brian Peters and appears on the album Lines (2001).

In Rambling Reed, where I was born
A good broadsword I've always worn
I was apprenticed all to a trade
But was always known as the Rambling Blade

At seventeen I took a wife
I loved her as I loved my life
And to maintain her both fine and gay
I took to robbing on the king's highway

Upon this poor girl I fixed my choice
Forever made my heart rejoice
But that same day she'll forever rue
Taken was I by Ned Fielding's crew

I robbed Lord Golden in Leicester Square
I robbed his wife, I do declare
Tapping those shutters, I bid them good night
Then away with the gold to my heart's delight

To Covent Garden straightaway
My wife and I went to a play
Ned Fielding's gang did me there pursue
Taken was I by that gallows crew

I never robbed any poor man yet
Nor was I in no tradesman's debt
But many's the maiden will weep for me
When my sad life ends on the gallows tree

So dig my grave both wide and deep
Put tombstones at my head and feet
And on them carve two pretty white doves
To let the whole world know that I died for love

Let six bold robbers carry me
Give them broadswords and sweet liberty
Let six pretty maidens bear up my pall
Give them black gloves and white ribbons all

And when I'm dead, pray tell the truth:
"There goes a wild and wicked youth."
And on my tombstone pray let it be:
"It was those bad girls that have ruined me."


  • Roud Folk Song Index 490

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