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You Got The Bomb

This song is by Brian McKnight and appears on the album Anytime (1997).

Can't remember
The last time I felt this way
You're keeping a smile on my face
You know exactly how I tick
Everytime I light the wick
Seems like you're ready to explode
I want you to know

You got the bomb
Just can't get enough
You got the bomb, bomb
Just keep on blowin' me up
You got the bomb, bomb
Just can't get enough
You got the bomb, bomb, blowin' me up
I recall
The first time I kissed your lips
(Think I'm gonna shout about it)
(Baby, there's no doubt about it)
Whenever you want me girl, I'm there
Whatever the time, girl I don't care
I got no place to go
Baby, I know

Every day and every night I pray
You'll never take your love away
You're all that I want all that I need