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Nothin' But Blue

This song is by Brian May and appears on the album Back To The Light (1992).

Nothin' But Blue
(May, Powell, Nicholls, Makin)

I look at your picture
I'm nothin' but blue
I'm hearing you whisper
The way you used to do
And I can't stop wondering
Just how things might have been
No I'm nothin' but blue

My life has no rhythm
Somehow it's out of tune
I keep trying to tell them
We'll be seeing them soon
But the truth keeps rushing back
Guess you know what I mean
No I'm nothin' but blue
No I'm nothin' but blue

No use in crying - that ain't what you would do - no
Living or dying - we'll just keep on fighting through -

No I can't stop my wondering
'Bout all those things that might have been
No I'm nothin' but blue
No I'm nothin' but blue
Nothin' but blue
(nothin' nothin' nothin' nothin' ...)
Nothin' but blue

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