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This song is by Brian Jonestown Massacre and appears on the album Strung Out in Heaven (1998).

that boy who made you low
that boy don't even know
the boy caused you pain
that boys got shit for brains

had to let you know
i really don't even
know what i know
your my sunshine
your my sunshine

sad girl,don't lose your faith
your tears are pretty dimonds
i'll kiss them off your face
i love to see you smiling

had to let you know
i had to let you know
your my sunshine

just when you thought
that there couldn't be more
i can turn out the lights
and i'll show you it all
i can take you to heaven before the sun comes up
it's the way that you smile
when your talking to me
when i lost all my faith
you just made me believe
and i'll tell you all about it
get up closer to me

cause i feel like i've been spinning round and round.

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