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Faithful Father

This song is by Brian Doerksen and appears on the compilation Winds Of Worship Vol. 8 Live From Langley, B.C. Canada (1997) and on the album Today (2004).

Father I can't explain this kind of love, this kind of grace
I know, I still break your heart and yet you run to welcome me

This is my song of praise to you
For who you are and all that you do
from the moment my life began, you have been faithful

Father, I love the way you hold me close and say my name
I know, when my life is through my heart will find it's home in you


"And I'm still amazed when I think about the day that I returned.
Blinded by my own addictions and grief, I began my journey
expecting rejection, but secretly, secretly hoping for mercy
And while I was still a ways off rehearsing my lines, you saw me
and you ran to me... you ran to ME! And I began to speak and I said
"Father... I've been unfaithful and I am no longer worthy to be called
you son..."... "Welcome home son, I've been waiting for you!
I AM FAITHFUL! And I will always be your faithful father"

This is my song of praise to you
for who you are and all that you do
From the moment the world began
You have been faithful

(Repeat chorus)

You have been faithful, forever faithful...father

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