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Tells the Story (1993)Edit

Brian Dewan - Tells the Story
Tells the Story
  1. 99 Cops
  2. Obedience School
  3. The Cowboy Outlaw
  4. The Record
  5. The Letter
  6. The Day the Day Stood Still
  7. Wastepaper Basket Fire
  8. The Creatures
  9. My Eye
  10. Cut Your Hair
  11. Breezes Are Blowing
  12. Drinking Bird
  13. Feel the Brain

Brian Dewan (1994)Edit

Brian Dewan
Brian Dewan
  1. Unidentified Flying Objects
  2. Happy-Go-Dumpy Summer
  3. Any Other Way
  4. Decoy in the Rough
  5. The Latest Theory

The Operating Theater (2001)Edit

Brian Dewan - The Operating Theater
The Operating Theater
  1. Where They Belong
  2. The Human Heart
  3. The Kids
  4. Solomon Grundy
  5. Loathsome Idols
  6. Rumpelstiltskin
  7. Cadavers
  8. The Trial
  9. Flexible Flyer
  10. Sick Day
  11. Fruitless Labors
  12. First Day of School

Words of Wisdom (2007)Edit

Brian Dewan - Words of Wisdom
Words of Wisdom
  1. Words of Wisdom
  2. The Kettle Valley Line
  3. The Civil War
  4. Horse Named Bill
  5. Tobacco's But an Indian Weed
  6. The Devil Made Texas
  7. Only a Brakeman
  8. There Was an Old Woman
  9. The Mirimachi Fire
  10. The Big Rock Candy Mountains
  11. Girls of Ohio
  12. Blue-Haired Boy
  13. Carve That Possum
  14. The Mountaineer's Wedding
  15. Abalone
  16. I Cannot Sing the Old Songs

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