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Brett Anderson (2007)Edit

Brett Anderson - Brett Anderson
Brett Anderson
  1. Love Is Dead
  2. One Lazy Morning
  3. Dust and Rain
  4. Intimacy
  5. To the Winter
  6. Scorpio Rising
  7. The Infinite Kiss
  8. Colour of the Night
  9. The More We Possess the Less We Own of Ourselves
  10. Ebony
  11. Song for My Father
Bonus tracks on Japan release
  1. Clowns
  2. Mother Night

Wilderness (2008)Edit

Brett Anderson - Wilderness
  1. A Different Place
  2. The Empress
  3. Clowns
  4. Chinese Whispers
  5. Blessed
  6. Funeral Mantra
  7. Back to You
  8. Knife Edge
  9. P. Marius
Bonus track on iTunes and Japan releases
  1. Symmetry

Slow Attack (2009)Edit

Brett Anderson - Slow Attack
Slow Attack
  1. Hymn
  2. Wheatfields
  3. The Hunted
  4. Frozen Roads
  5. Summer
  6. Pretty Widows
  7. The Swans
  8. Ashes of Us
  9. Scarecrows and Lilacs
  10. Julian's Eyes
  11. Leave Me Sleeping
Bonus track on iTunes release
  1. Forest Lullaby
Bonus track on Japan release
  1. With You, Within You

Black Rainbows (2011)Edit

Brett Anderson - Black Rainbows
Black Rainbows
  1. Unsung
  2. Brittle Heart
  3. Crash About to Happen
  4. I Count the Times
  5. The Exiles
  6. This Must Be Where It Ends
  7. Actors
  8. In the House of Numbers
  9. Thin Men Dancing
  10. Possession

Other SongsEdit

  1. Another No One
  2. Elegant
  3. Everything Will Flow
  4. Painted People
  5. Pantomime Horse
  6. She's Not Dead
  7. We Can Be Anyone

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