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I Think You've Got Your Fools Mixed Up

This song is by Brenton Wood and appears on the album 18 Best (1992).

i think you've got your fools mixed up
you must think i'm somebody else

i'm not the same fool you knew that couldn't help hisself
and followed you around like a dog
strung on a chain and wagged his cute little tail
whenever you call his name
but baby that will be no more remember when you walked out that door
i was on my knees i said "now baby please" you just looked at me and
said "no score" and you said its no joke and maybe one day you'll be
back again
well, baby i got lucky again
i made myself a million tears
and another thing i want to say
i found myself another friend

chorus till fade
think you've got your fools mixed up
must think im somebody else

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