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Thief With Lyrics

This song is by brentalfloss and appears on the compilation album Unreleased YouTube Songs! (2013).

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The name's Garrett, I got moves like a ferret,
I'mma steal yo shit and I ain't gonna share it
Stickin' to the shadows, avoiding messy battles,
Slow on the flo' 'cause ya know shit rattles

Stuck in an era of vague specificity
Torches, swords, arrows-also electricity?
Gold's what I'm gonna get, I'm burgling a ton of it,
N' wearin' hard-soled shoes just for the fun of it

You got guards? Well, I got skills!
Getcha some chills when I head for the hills with a wad o' your bills, for rillz!
A fat whack with a black jack from the back slaps all your cash smack
Into my knapsack

Guardsmen, Ghosts, everybody got beef
But it's all in a night's work
Bitch, I'm a thief

Silent and deadly as I am traversin'
With candlesticks, vases and coins upon my person
Don't I look dapper knockin' out your staffers?
Oh shit! (Get back here, you taffer!)

I was doin' this shit in the '90s, sucka
Assassin's Creed?
Yeah, you're welcome, motherfucka!

Jack a fat ring, pearls on a string, ring a ding ding,
I'm the jingling king of the bling-bling

Nightfall is here and it's time to begin it
Be scared of the dark 'cause I'm probably in it

Tomorrow you'll gaze at this place in disbelief
But I won't leave a trace 'cause bitch, I'm a thief

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