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The Team Fortress 2 Song

This song is by brentalfloss and appears on the album Flossophy (2014).

Original video
Open Steam, pick your class
Saddle up to kick some ass!
Your multiplayer dreams come true
When you play Team Fortress 2

Well, the Heavy spins a minigun
The Scout can't do much else but run
Side with RED or side with BLU
When you play Team Fortress 2


Well, the Snipers and the Pyros might make you wanna ragequit
Make sure they ain't a Spy though
'Cause Spies are fucking bullshit!

The Engineer can build cool stuff
And Demoman can blow it up
A hell of a good time waits for you
Right inside Team Fortress 2


If the Soldier gets a decent shot, he'll knock you outta yo' pants
And the Heavy and the Medic share a legendary bromance

Oh, work together as a team
Download douchey hats on Steam
The doors are openin', that's your cue
Time to play Team Fortress 2!
And that's Team Fortress 2, wahoo!

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