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{{#invoke:str|sanitize|The Team Fortress 2 Song}}

This song is by {{#invoke:str|sanitize|brentalfloss}} and appears on the album Flossophy (2014).

Original video
Open Steam, pick your class
Saddle up to kick some ass!
Your multiplayer dreams come true
When you play Team Fortress 2

Well, the Heavy spins a minigun
The Scout can't do much else but run
Side with RED or side with BLU
When you play Team Fortress 2


Well, the Snipers and the Pyros might make you wanna ragequit
Make sure they ain't a Spy though
'Cause Spies are fucking bullshit!

The Engineer can build cool stuff
And Demoman can blow it up
A hell of a good time waits for you
Right inside Team Fortress 2


If the Soldier gets a decent shot, he'll knock you outta yo' pants
And the Heavy and the Medic share a legendary bromance

Oh, work together as a team
Download douchey hats on Steam
The doors are openin', that's your cue
Time to play Team Fortress 2!
And that's Team Fortress 2, wahoo!