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The Pokémen!

This song is by brentalfloss and appears on the compilation album Unreleased YouTube Songs! (2013).

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The old professor never told us what we were really doing
We went into the tall grass to become masters of our discipline
Or so we believed

From the explosive cult group The Protomen
Comes a brand new rock opera inspired by a video game!
The Pokémen!

There's a story of a schoolboy
Who set out to capture creatures in a ball
He would try to catch 'em all
This callow trainer, he had a rival
He was my grandson, and he had the will to win
What was his name again?

Get ready for 15 new tracks of the glam rock pretense you've come to love!

Pikachu, go!
Let's catch a wild Articuno

Now with even more liner notes
So you sort of have an idea of what's going on in the story!

Thrill as they switch from folksy rock to '80s pop before your very eyes!

"Ketchum, use the creatures," they said
"It's the prime directive"
But Charmander used me!
And it was super effective

Prepare to open your hearts and your wallets

Pika, Pikachu
Pikachu, Pi-Pikachu
Pika, Pika, Pikachu
Pikachu, Pi-

For The Pokémen!

Ice type!
Fire type!
Electric type!
Rock type!

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