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Mario Paint With Lyrics (Original Demo)

This song is by brentalfloss.

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In '92 this
Game was brand new, this
New thing to do, we called it Mario Paint!
It came with mouse and plastic mousepad!
A game I wish every house had!

Artistic visions become decisions
No criticisms to work through
It tugs my heart strings
And that's just the start screen
Inside your art dreams await you

So make a bee
Make a Mii (Make a Mii)
Or make a symphony (arf meow meow meow meow)
Mario Paint, it ain't just quaint
It's a playdate where playmates don't nay-say what you say
Like an art class where you don't feel gay

Adjust brush size, swat some flies,
And then you realize (then you realize)
Other games are not the same
It's a canvas to brandish outlandish things all day
Where a nerdy kid was safe to play

We were Mario Paintin'
Drawing and animatin'
Were we throwing a ball?
Were we outside at all?

We were Mario Paintin' (we were Mario Paintin')
You know my mom was faintin'! (you know my mom was faintin')
Younger generations started looking into their heart
Creating pieces of art

What an outlet for a kid experimenting with choice
Finding his creative voice

So whenever I spout off with words like mofo or taint
You can thank Mario Paint
(Cha cha cha)