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Tiny Spark

This song is by Brendan Benson and appears on the album Lapalco (2002).

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
I've always been this way
Never known any other way to feel
Got the right of way
And all of the others must yield

Now I'm naked
And I'm in school
I can't make it
To the door
Try to understand
That an oyster can only make a pearl
From a grain of sand
But from what I don't know makes a girl

Well I'm trying
Not to laugh
It's that I'm dying

When we break (when we break) apart
And you take (And you take) back your heart (back your heart)
And it aches in the dark
But it makes a tiny spark

I've always been this way
never known any other way to feel
got the right of way
and all the others must yield

Now I'm naked
and I'm in school
l can't make it
to the door
And we're lying in the grass
I was trying oh not to laugh
I was drowning in the past

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