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Pleasure Seeker

This song is by Brendan Benson and appears on the album Lapalco (2002).

Drip, Drip, Drip, outside my window,
A head full of zip sleeps on my pillow
And it must be a phase I'm in,
Cause I can't explain to begin.
Could be a permanent thing,
But it feels like a meaningless fling.

The man in pink such a mild mannored fellow,
He gave me a wink and a good natured Hello.
Lately I've been tired all the time,
Guilty of the worst kind of crime.
A game I can't possibly win,
When I keep getting kicked in the shin.

I'm just so far gone,
I don't know what planet I'm on.
Taken it hard for so long,
I don't know whats right or whats wrong with me,
I'm coming down.

(Such a funny creature)
When I drink I feel mellow,
And if I think I'm Sual Bellow.
And lately I do as I please,
Don't care much who disagrees.
Could be a permanent thing,
But it feels like a meaningless fling.

And they say I'm just a Pleasure Seeker.

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