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One Mississippi (1996)Edit

Benson onemississippi
One Mississippi
  1. Tea
  2. Bird's Eye View
  3. Sittin' Pretty
  4. I'm Blessed
  5. Crosseyed
  6. Me Just Purely
  7. Got No Secrets
  8. How 'Bout You
  9. Emma J
  10. Insects Rule
  11. Imaginary Girl
  12. House In Virginia
  13. Cherries

Lapalco (2002)Edit

Benson lapalco
  1. Tiny Spark
  2. Metarie
  3. Folk Singer
  4. Life In The D
  5. Good To Me
  6. You're Quiet
  7. What
  8. Eventually
  9. I'm Easy
  10. Pleasure Seeker
  11. Just Like Me
  12. Jet Lag

Folk Singer EP (2002)Edit

Brendan Benson - Folk Singer EP
Folk Singer EP
  1. Folk Singer
  2. Son of a Welder
  3. Unfortunate Guy
  4. Feel Like Myself

Metarie (2003)Edit

  • With the Wellfed Boys
Brendan Benson - Metarie
  1. Metarie (Wellfed Version)
  2. Metarie (UK Version)
  3. Alternative To Love
  4. You're Quiet (Wellfed Version)
  5. Let Me Roll It

The Alternative to Love (2005)Edit

Benson thealternativetolove
The Alternative to Love
  1. Spit It Out
  2. Cold Hands (Warm Heart)
  3. Feel Like Myself
  4. Alternative To Love
  5. The Pledge
  6. Them And Me
  7. Biggest Fan
  8. Flesh And Bone
  9. Get It Together
  10. Gold Into Straw
  11. What I'm Looking For
  12. Between Us

My Old, Familiar Friend (2009)Edit

My Old Familiar Friend
My Old, Familiar Friend (2009)
  1. A Whole Lot Better
  2. Eyes On The Horizon
  3. Garbage Day
  4. Gonowhere
  5. Feel Like Taking You Home
  6. You Make A Fool Out Of Me
  7. Poised And Ready
  8. Don't Wanna Talk
  9. Misery
  10. Lesson Learned
  11. Borrow

What Kind of World (2012)Edit

Brendan Benson - What Kind Of World
What Kind of World
  1. What Kind of World
  2. Bad for Me
  3. The Light of Day
  4. Happy Most of the Time
  5. Keep Me
  6. Pretty Baby
  7. Here in the Deadlights
  8. Met Your Match
  9. Thru the Ceiling
  10. No One Else but You
  11. Come On
  12. On the Fence

You Were Right (2013)Edit

Brendan Benson - You Were Right
You Were Right
  1. It's Your Choice
  2. Rejuvenate Me
  3. As of Tonight
  4. Diamond
  5. Long Term Goal
  6. I Don't Wanna See You Anymore
  7. I'll Never Tell
  8. Swallow You Whole
  9. She's Trying to Poison Me
  10. Purely Automatic
  11. New Words of Wisdom
  12. Oh My Love
  13. The Fritz
  14. Swimming
  15. Red White and Blues

Related ArtistsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Don't Want To Talk
  2. Feel Like Myself Again
  3. Light Of Day
  4. Meaning To Write

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