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Word Called Love (1976)Edit

Brian and Brenda Russell - Word Called Love

Word Called Love

(featuring Brian Russell)

  1. Please Pardon Me
  2. Word Called Love
  3. Labour of Love
  4. You'll Never Rock Alone
  5. Livin' With You
  6. Tell Me When the Whistle Blows
  7. Highly Prized Possession
  8. Gonna Do My Best to Love You
  9. Backstreet Lovin'
  10. Stranger's Houses
  11. A Player in the Band

Supersonic Lover (1977)Edit

Brian and Brenda - Supersonic Lover

Supersonic Lover

(featuring Brian Russell)

  1. Life Could Be So Grand
  2. That's All Right Too
  3. You Show Me Your Love
  4. Don't Let Love Go
  5. A Love and Loser
  6. Supersonic Lover
  7. Beautiful Lie
  8. Who Loves You
  9. Think About You
  10. Love Is Better Kept

Brenda Russell (1979)Edit

Brenda Russell - Brenda Russell

Brenda Russell

  1. So Good, So Right
  2. In the Thick of It
  3. If Only for One Night
  4. Way Back When
  5. A Little Bit of Love
  6. You're Free
  7. Think It Over
  8. God Bless You

Love Life (1981)Edit

Brenda Russell - Love Life

Love Life

  1. Love Life
  2. Rainbow
  3. Something I Like to Do
  4. Lucky
  5. Sensitive Man
  6. Deep Dark and Mysterious
  7. If You Love
  8. Thank You

Two Eyes (1983)Edit

Brenda Russell - Two Eyes

Two Eyes

  1. I Want Love to Find Me
  2. It's Something
  3. Hello People
  4. Two Eyes
  5. Stay Close
  6. Jarreau
  7. New York Bars
  8. I'll See You Again
  9. Look Down, Young Soldier

Get Here (1988)Edit

Brenda Russell - Get Here

Get Here

  1. Gravity
  2. Just a Believer
  3. Piano in the Dark
  4. This Time I Need You
  5. Make My Day
  6. Le Restaurant
  7. Midnight Eyes
  8. Get Here

Kiss Me With the Wind (1990)Edit

Brenda Russell - Kiss Me With the Wind

Kiss Me With the Wind

  1. Kiss Me With the Wind
  2. Stupid Love
  3. All American
  4. Stop Running Away
  5. Waiting for You
  6. Justice in Truth
  7. Dinner With Gershwin
  8. Good for Love
  9. Night Train to Leningrad
  10. Drive My Car ('Til Sunset)
  11. On Your Side

Soul Talkin' (1993)Edit

Brenda Russell - Soul Talkin'

Soul Talkin'

  1. Matters of the Heart
  2. Soul Talkin'
  3. In Over My Heart
  4. No Time for Time
  5. You'll Fall in Love Again
  6. 10,000 Words
  7. Life Is Waiting
  8. Got to Love
  9. The Universe Is Calling You
  10. Who Are You?

Paris Rain (2000)Edit

Brenda Russell - Paris Rain

Paris Rain

  1. Ideal World
  2. She's in Love
  3. Catch On
  4. Walkin' in New York
  5. Love and Paris Rain
  6. Expect a Miracle
  7. Please Felipe
  8. You Can't Hide Your Heart From Me
  9. Move the Moon
  10. Something About Your Love
  11. Baby Eyes

Between the Sun and the Moon (2004)Edit

Brenda Russell - Between the Sun and the Moon

Between the Sun and the Moon

  1. Make You Smile
  2. Too Cool for the Room
  3. The Message
  4. Between the Sun and the Moon
  5. I Know You by Heart
  6. When You Comin' Back to Me
  7. Let Somebody Know
  8. The Tracks of My Tears
  9. Different Eyes
  10. Ain't No Smoke
  11. You Know Our Day Will Come
  12. It's a Jazz Day


  1. We Will Find a Way (with Oleta Adams)
  2. Voices That Care with various artists
  3. Tell Me This Night Won't End (with Gerald Alston)

Additional information

Artist information:

b. April 8, 1949 in Brooklyn, Ney York, U.S.

  • Occupation: songwriter, musician, arranger, producer
  • Instruments: vocals, piano, keyboards

Years active:



Related artists:

  • Gus Gordon (father), formerly of The Ink Spots
  • Cinnamon Sharpe (mother)
  • Lindsay Walker (daughter)
  • Brian Russell (former spouse)

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