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​Break Me

This song is by Breaking The Chains.

For so long,
I have been building myself using my own strength,
Greed, hate, and pride,
Rebelliousness has been leading my footsteps.

Take me,
Break me!
Build me,
To the man that you want me to be.

For so long,
I have allowed my emotions and my mind,
Blame me.

I am greedy,
I am selfish,
I am a filthy sinner.

I have allowed hate and rebelliousness to build who I am,
The way of truth,
I do not know.

God I give you all of me,
Take everything that I am,
Now break everything that I am,
Now build me and use me for your perfect will.

Oh Lord,
You are our potter,
And all we are is the work of your hand,
The work of your hand!