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Train's gone
In the bright subway
Near the edge
I picture myself diving again and again

Time has come
With great speed

Stay away from me. Mother I'm sorry.
Lonely, lonely, today, I die.
In your loneliness and solitude
Forgive me for leaving before you.

In the end, it passed by me; I'm still alive.
I don't even have the courage to die
I'm such a loser.
Such a loser.
And the next one comes... and then another...

Mother I'm sorry... I'm a miserable son
Lonely, lonely, I tumble.
Jumping, I break into pieces
With the pain of leaving before you, my life is gone.

Here comes the last train, this is it!

I gotta mail from my mother. Today's dinner is beefstew.
My heart leaps.
My mammy's waiting for me.
I knew it, I'll just go home.

Let me ride, the train's gone.
Let me ride, the train's gone.

I can do anything if I were desperate.