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Wake up! What’s the time?
Really!? It’s already 8!?
Hurry up! Crap, this is bad.
Too late, I won’t make it!?

I want to spend this limited time right
This life’s but only one, so much so that sleep feels good

HI-TENSION Even if your horoscope’s the worst today
HI-TENSION Don’t mind, just change the channel!

A boundless world awaits you
So hurl your everyday habits away and get set, ready go!!

Lunch time, done in 5 minutes
A little bit of nap would do
Burning, gotta work hard this afternoon!
Sunset, until night falls!

HI-TENSION If you have a dream, then run at full speed
HI-TENSION Faults will eventually make you better

Run with all your might, lose yourself in dreaming
Leave a proof of your life
The other side of the rainbow
Is a land I’ve yet to step on
L.A., Mt. Fuji, an uncharted land is my aim
My chest swells and breaks

Everyone has hard times
But surely that’s something
Given for us to overcome
Because the future’s calling

A boundless world awaits you
No time to get lost
Don’t waste even a second
Run with all your might, lose yourself in dreaming