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It will never return, last emotion
Your smile, your warmth
Are spilling from my hands

When I saw your lonely eyes
I remembered the first time I met you
It has been a while since my heart skipped a happy beat

I wanted to fill up the gap in your heart
I told you everything about me, but
We loved each other for only a moment
The fate I felt I had with you was a lie

I can’t have it back, last emotion
Your smile, your warmth
Are spilling from my hands
They won’t go through anymore, these feelings
When I close my eyes, I see an afterimage of you
Scorched at the back of my eyelids

At the other end of the line, you told me with a crying voice,
“I have nothing else to say… goodbye…”

Little by little your heart is moving father away
I pretended not to notice, but I want to be with you
I couldn’t bring myself to say anything
I knew the end was coming
I knew, yet still

It will never return, last emotion
We said we’d always be together but
Right now you’re looking at me as if I were a stranger
Yes, and when I wake up I’m alone
I can’t see your heart with these eyes

Why do people keep searching?
We know the end will always come
So why do we still seek an everlasting love?

They won’t come true anymore, these wishes
People always change
There’s no such thing as a meeting without farewell
Yes, we know that very well
But we can’t live alone
So again and again,
We fall in love like fools