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This song is by Breakdown of Sanity.

Restless we raise, we fall
What was that, where the hell have I gone through? what happened to me?
Realize that I've lost control my body is paralyzed, my mind is blurred on
The ground like a fallen leaf, fallen from the trembling tree not living,
Just killing time I'm afraid to lose what was mine
I feel so restless we raise, we fall
What if this was my last breath? foreign in my own body and mind it seems
Like I'm stranded on a dark cloud, where there's no place to hide alone,
Alone in the dark, hoping for my sunrise somebody must hear my inaudible
Cry for help please show me the way out
I'm chasing the wind and try to catch the light how many hours will it
Still take? staring up to the clouds above and listening to the same damn
Song over and over again I want to run away from myself because at any
Moment everything can change
What is this, what was that? how many hours will it still take? what is
This, what was that? I want to run away from myself
What is this, what was that? I assume it's the normal circle of despair
After touching the sky and now it is falling down on me was it worth it?
Was is it really worth it? what if I can't ever be free anymore?
Is this the reality or just an illusion? bite my tongue to see if I can
Still feel time vanishes into oblivion, into a black hole please help me

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