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​Life Is Beautiful

This song is by Bread Of Stone.

Are you still searching?
What are you looking for?
Do you dream of a better day?
Is your mind a million miles away?
Is our love a good enough reason to stay?

You had a fire deep inside you
Where has the warmth gone?
Where has the warmth gone?
You are more than skin and bones
You were made to be a miracle
Through my eyes
Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful
Life is beautiful

Every moment not wasted
Every question you can't explain and
Everything from dusk to dawn
Life is beautiful

Even in the tears you cry
Even when you don't know why
Love never dies
Life if Beautiful

I try to find the beauty in pain
It's like my soul has been sprained
Can I handle the change
I rediscover my faith
In the struggle where I'm kneeling to pray
Humbled by Your presence
I need a touch of Your grace
When I wake up
I've made up my mind not to give up
I messed up
Your masterpiece is here
Not a victim
I'm tankful
God blessed
Hard pressed
No stress
Life is beautiful
You're so beautiful