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Sleep on My Shoulder

This song is by Brazzaville and appears on the album The Oceans of Ganymede (2016).

Come sleep on my shoulder
For a while
Let go of our troubled world
Sleep like a little child
In the morning I'll go
A jet plane will far away from home
So sleep on my shoulder for a while

I'm not myself when you're away
A minute feels like an hour
An hour's like a day
Come back to me soon
I feel like I'm on the dark side of the moon
A frozen and lightless string of days

Love takes us all by surprise
That 3 AM look in your eyes
Your eyes, your eyes, your eyes
That 3 AM look in your eyes

Life is a dream in this hotel
Saunas and Michelin stars
Shallots and chanterelles
But it's wasted on me
Back in your arms is where I long to be
Listenin' to rainfall by the sea

Love takes us all by surprise...

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