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Sewers of Bangkok

This song is by Brazzaville and appears on the album 2002 (1998).

Sewers of Bangkok
That's what they call me
From the jungle towns
To the slums of the city
I've seen the Devil
The charming stranger
And I've seen the Devil
The old bone crusher
I'm The Sewers of Bangkok
And everything rolls off my back
I'll have coffee and sweetcakes
For everyone stuck on the losing track
The kids picking garbage
The old folks who live by the trains
I'll wash all their feet with my tears
And their hearts with the summer rain
There's an order in the world
But it's hidden from our view
It's in traffic jams and zip codes
In the early morning blue
In the third world hostess
Who's turning 33
The tenant farmer
The plane that crashed at sea
I'm the Sewers of Bangkok...

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