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This song is by Brave Saint Saturn and appears on the album The Light Of Things Hoped For (2003).

It was all about acceleration,
all for notoriety
All about destination,
driven by my own abilities
Rockets shattered, screamed, and then fell away,
lift this juggernaut into the sky
Radio waves in the frozen night, spelling "I miss you"

Like a flicker of light in the back of my mind,
it all comes back to me
Like an overdue sunrise,
it all comes back to me.
(I remember Your love being better than life,
when it all comes back to me
I will sing in the shadows, when it all comes back...)

There's nothing like complete exhaustion,
the atrophy of complete defeat
The feeling of the world upon my shoulders,
and realizing I am incomplete
Well there's a lot of freedom in failure,
of recklessness of weightless abandonment
I remember light comeing through stained glass
and it reminds me...

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