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Moon Burns Bright

This song is by Brave Saint Saturn and appears on the album So Far From Home (2000).

They said the surface was suffocating,
They said the distance wasn't worth the waiting.
They said the pressure could crush the spirit of a man
But none of them see the heavens
From the place where I stand

She is the brightest star that's in the sky
She is the reason every astronaut would fly
I see the lighting clouds of white on cobalt fields of blue
And I close my eyes and sigh
I can't believe it's true

The moon is burning bright,
I saw her face tonight
I touched the seamless beauty with my hands,
I'm never going back again.

They said I'm foolish
Fleeting hopes in borrowed dreams,
They said forget her,
The moon is far beyond your reach
I would run out of fuel long before I'd ever land
But none of them can see this world
From the place where I stand.

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