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This song is by Brave Saint Saturn and appears on the album The Light Of Things Hoped For (2003).

she's the one who all the boys want
but she's barely breaking stride
when i look and see her standing there
i'm all butterflies inside
her name means "the resurrection"
it's not too far from true
i'm afraid that if i write this song
she might break my heart in two

she hits the mark
the kindled spark
but i'll just drag her down

far away in distant skies
i see starlight in your eyes
do you think of miracles
are they only dreams for fools
she's the one who haunts my dreams at night
underneath the bluest moon
she makes hearts skip beats in triplets
the brightest light in any room

she hits the mark
the kindled spark
but i'll just drag her down
down, down, down, down

when anastasia smiles
the world is getting lighter
when anastasia wakes
the lights come on inside her
and stars will light the path for her tonight
and yes, the moon is burning oh so bright

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