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Cool Schmool

This song is by Bratmobile and appears on the album Pottymouth (1993).

We're so cool yeah, yeah
Yeah we're so cool, cool
We're so cool yeah, yeah
Fuck you too, cool schmool

I don't wanna sit around and talk about the wipers
Weren't those the good old days?
I don't wanna wonder if you're gonna say hello
I don't wanna wonder if you're gonna walk away
I don't wanna hear how many friends you have
'Cause I don't have any anymore
Cool schmool

I don't want you to tell me what's so cool
I don't wanna go back to jr. highschool
I don't want anyone to tell me how thin I am
I don't want to die for your fucking candy treats
Cool schmool

I just wanna be one of the boys
I just wanna be your little fashion toy
Let's hang out and be cool, all right
Let's go watch the girl fight tonight
Cool schmool

I don't have to try 'cause I know where you're at
I hate dogs so I love cats
I can bake a pie and look you up and down
I could throw your heart right outta this town

See I don't know why you're always telling me
What's so cool about what I'm wearing
When you can't even tell me how you feel
And you can't even be my friend for real

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