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Where Are You Now?

This song is by Brandy and appears on the movie soundtrack Batman Forever (1995).

You just came into my world
A little boy without a girl
You just smiled at me
I knew it was on
We spent weeks that were a blur
We made love so sweet and pure
Then I knew you were gone
Where is the man I've come to know?
With the heart I thought was gold
You just turned me out and walked out the door
How could you just be so cold?
What a hard and heavy blow
Now I'm lying here, alone on the floor

Are you in a better place?
Or behind another's face?
Where are you now?

I've searched inside my soul
For the reasons never told
And what bothers me, is they know
You should have told me from the start
Instead of playing with my heart
You just left me here with nothing to hold
I'm taking it easy, cleared my head
Cried me a river, said some prayers
But I often wonder, when I'm in my bed
Where are you now?

Are you in a better place?
Or behind another's face?
Where are you now?

(Repeat to fade)

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