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Like This

This song is by Brandy and appears on the album Full Moon (2002).

I have a question
Can I take over our creation of love
Gimme your attention
And give me all your trust
Let me show you all of me
And additions to me
Rhythm's the strength to our love
So follow baby, carefully and I'll be everything you want in me
And you'll see what we've been waiting for

Please touch me like this (baby, do it like this)
Please hold me like this (hold me)
Please love me like this (it makes me feel so good)
I need you like this

If we goin start touching each other
We goin do it like this
I'll tell you where to kiss
and you begin to kiss
Baby I know how I feel
So just follow my lead
Don't be afraid, you're at the wheel
And I just wanna ride and enjoy it with you
Cause I know that you'll enjoy everything that I do
Relax and I'll show you

Chorus 2 times

You plan to be with me
Baby it's alright
Just do it right
Let's just be clear on somethings
This is all for you
But there are rules
If you wanna celebrate me
And if you wanna keep me pleased
This is how my love has got to be
So please touch me


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