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Throwing Rocks Tonight

This song is by Brandtson and appears on the album Send Us A Signal (2004).

And this was certainly an intersting story
It starts with an ending.
And we'll both carry it to the same play
On the same stage
But on a different page.

And you'll go on to become the queen of some kingdom
And I'll be that monster of myth open forest

I wonder now and then
If I ever really knew what brought the end
If I caught the truth my friend.
So I brought you here tonight
To finally get your insights.
Close the drapes and lock the door.
I'll ask one more
I'll just have to know...

Is there something on your mind?
Maybe something you never say?
Now all we have is time,
To break it over my head.

Blink your eyes once for yes,
Twice for no.
I'm listening
Take your time as you decide,
We have all night to do this.

You're not going anywhere
Tie your ankles to this chair.
Don't be scared.
The choice is yours.
Truth or dare.

And look as sharp this knife
And I'm not done with you and i
You said you already told me why
Well how about now

I'm just tryign to break my fall
I meant you no harm at all
So go on be you
So strong
And so cruel.

Its just the thought I had
It's really not that bad
So go on be you
So strong
And so cruel.

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