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Mark It A Zero

This song is by Brandtson and appears on the album Dial In Sounds (2002).

Stay between the lines.
Balance on the wire.
Things I've heard or even said before,
And still I turn.
Another try.
Making resolutions always with intentions for the best, am I that blind?

You say that it's black and white,
But I question it every time.
I'm holding back and it's easy to follow the world on the outside.
I'm starting to wonder why,
An answer that I don't like.
I'm holding on and it's tearing me into a thousand pieces.

Starting at the end,
Cross the finish line,
Right where I began and start all over once again,
It's not that I,
Though that I could do this on my own,
Knowing all too well that I would mak more sense of things when I am falling down.

It won't be long,
I promise,
That I'll never,
Forget you,
I won't leave you hear, all alone,
And when you're wrong and you keep falling down,
I'll be waiting, for you,
You can count on me.

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