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​Long Walk Home

This song is by Brandtson and appears on the album Fallen Star Collection (1999).

I wanna walk in your rain
Just damp at first
Wet spots on my shirt
Soak it all in
Soaked to my skin
Clothes heavy with water


How'd I get so far
Away from where you are
And never notice till now?
If I thought that I could speak
And if I thought that you'd hear me
This is what I'd ask for

A downpour

I wanna know your name
I wanna hold your hand
And soak it all in
I wanna feel the rain
On my face again
And soak it all in

I want you to come be me
Share my eyes and splash with me
Puddles won't matter at all


It doesn't matter
Where you are now
You can always come home