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Just Breathe

This song is by Brandtson and appears on the album Send Us A Signal (2004).

Remember your choice, (Remember your choice)
I can hear your voice, still,
You had your fill of those little reminders,

There's only bills and sleeping pills,
What if they're right,
What if they're right,
Note to self.

This, this isn't living,
This is merely exsiting.

Breathe, c'mon breathe
Just breathe.

"It'll all be better soon",
You say as you cross the room
To pull up the shade,
Please don't, (Please don't)
Please don't for my sake.

My early morning eyes,
Just can't take the light right now,
Just can't take life right now.

So turn off the light,
Just close the lid and seal me in,
I'll sleep for days and days on end,
So turn off the light,
Leave me lie here in this coffin,
I'll breathe only half as often,
So turn off the light.

This, this isn't living, (So turn of the light)
This is merely exsiting. (So turn of the light)

This, this isn't living,
This is merely exsiting.

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