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Movin On

This song is by Brandon Rogers.

Say what you want about me cause
If I can't give you what you need,
Then you should be movin' on
Keep movin' on
Say what you want about me but
At least I know what I need
And if you can not give it to me
Then I'm movin' on...

Don't you come at me with words you don't understand
Like love, and trust and then
Turn and walk away
Like you got the upper hand (not again)
My dad he told me that if you got something to say
Gotta have the strength to say it to his face
So why do I hear all this talking in the background
Saying how you don't want me?

Did you think I wouldn't find out about your friend?
And I know where all your time's been spent
You've been walking round, like you're single now
You should've just told me
But now I know that you can't be trusted at all
No longer will I wait for you to call me
Back in the day you were all that I needed but
You were deceiving me...
So you can say...

All the time I wasted wondering where the hell you've been
All the lies you told I'm never falling for it again
'Cause I've been there and I've done that
And you'll never get the chance to win me back
'Cause I gave you all I had
And all you did was treat me bad
I'm sick and tired of your games
I'll never be the same
So say what you want to
'Cause I'm moving on baby

Written by:

Brandon Clayborne Rogers

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