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All In Me

This song is by Brandon Rogers and appears on the album Automatic (2006).

You tried to keep your secret from me
But I already know
You hide behind the walls you've built
Because you felt that you
Couldn't get away from the past that was chasing you

I know you can't say what you wanna say
Hold on cause here comes another day
And whatever you want it to be
You will find it all in me
I know you don't know what you're looking for
Whatever you ask I will give you more
And whatever you need it to be
You will find it all in me

You tried to hide but I see right through you
And I'll catch you when you fall
You tried to find a reason
Not to get close to me
But I'm here to tell you
You are finally free

I just wanna mend the pieces of your broken heart
Everyday we'll find a brand new way to live
No matter what you say
You two were better off apart

All in me
I'll give every single little part of me
If only you would give your heart to me
So we can be together finally
I promise we'll be happy baby


Written by:

Brandon Clayborne Rogers

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