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Sun and Moon

This song is by Branches and appears on the album Thou Art the Dream (2012).

I'm on fire all alone
An empty sky to call my home
I call for you but you can't hear me

All my days feel like the dark
An arrow made to miss its mark
A whisper always left alone
Never loud enough to echo

What's the use of all this light
If it keeps me from the night
If this glorious glowing
Keeps me from ever knowing you

But I will chase you still
I'll make these days grow long until
I can look into your eyes
And let our meeting fill the skies

The stars call out as one, singing
"Look how far we've come
Though it seems we're standing still
We will catch the morning still
So we sing our sunrise hymn
As the midnight starts to dim
And the moon waits in the sky
For our sunshine lullaby"

My son, my son please stay
It doesn't have to be this way
We could be together yet
When you rise, I will not set
Together we will share
The midnight-noonday air
With night and day as one
Singing, "Look how far we've come"

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