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Going Home

This song is by Branches and appears on the album Thou Art the Dream (2012).

Tell your sister and your brother
Tell your father and your mother
Tell your friend and tell your lover
"We are going home"

Tell the lion and the lamb
Go tell every lonely man
Tell them of the promised land
Oh, we're going home

Tell the sun and tell the moon
Join with them in broken tune
Tell them that we're going soon
Soon, we're going home

The earth is cold and darker still
There ain't no hiding in its hills
We are lost and lonely till
You tell us come on home

Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief
Open wide your eyes and see
Everything we could have been
It's time to go home

Come forgotten, scarred, and scorned
Come ye empty, lone, and worn
See the curtain that's been torn
To welcome us home

Our bones cry out beneath our skin
To wash these hands of all their sins
Oh heaven, let us in
We want to come home

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