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Dust and Light

This song is by Branches and appears on the EP O, Light! (2010).

The TV has run out of advice
And the people you love got nothing to say
But when you ask with a shovel you'll find your faith
At the bottom of a hole

Have you seen anything that you would doubt me?
When you were not, the stones were singing

You're tapping your pen on the desk
Your thoughts have found words
But your lungs don't have breath
So you're wasting all your ink circling lines
Your mind is a passenger train

We are more than what night gives us credit for
We were dust, now we're light

Father time is a selfish man
He runs on schedule and keeps all of our plans
But what happens when I can't fit on a clock
I'll buy my freedom while I can

Burn your list; find your sight, adjust to the night
Give up hope that you'll be right

Let in the light, illuminate the night
Lighting up the dust floating from my eyes
Perfect Love casts out all fear, so I choose the darkness here

There's hope for you yet

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