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Exactly Like Me

This song is by Bran Van 3000 and appears on the album Glee (1998).

I like what your t-shirt says:
I'm with stupid and stupid's with me.
Let's climb to the top of the state bridge
Ad see how stupid we can be

'Cause this is the first song but definitely not the song.
I know that you are liquid, for I'm the governess of alone.
The things I've imagined do would really quite astound you
I don't do 'em, I just feel 'em,
And two times two is chicken,
I am your state of mind.
So why can't you be:
Exactly like me?, exactly like me. (x3)

Like Madonna, so emotional,
No car wreck, suicide,
Stairway so unclimbable,

No house to hide inside,
Your house, your house, your house I will explore
Your cold marble floors and secret doors,
The fine lines of your architecture,
And if you need me, I'll come and see thee, and be your visitor,
We'll play kissy kissy and have a baby and figure out,
What we live for.

I am your state of mind.
I am your state of mind.
So why can't you be:
Exactly like me? exactly like me. (x3)
Exactly like me. (x18)