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This Song I Will Sing For You

This song is by Brainstorm.

Leaned forward to the ground so stiff
The violin in one hand, wine ' in the other
Looking down, without shirt
Singing in imploring voice
The song is over. I come up.
He didn't want to talk, but I pushed to start
In the opposite eyes there was sadness
In my ' shame.
No, it isn't so,
Noone can be so free.
No, it isn't so.
'Then listen', he said, 'This song I will sing for You'
I got closer
Almost as father to feel pity
The wine was stronger than mind
But his mind wasn't to disappear
Only once he wants to hear a shot
And in heavy boots to rise in the sky so free
To crawl to someone and say:
'Thanks. I've survived'.

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