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Wiping The Stains

This song is by Brainpool.

He's down on his knees
He's begging you "please!"
He's tearing your dress.
you know he'll make it a mess
and you enjoy every second of it

You've been here before
asking for more
but when he catches his breath
when he starts to get dressed
you're wiping the stains off of you chest

You're off to work it's just another grey day
checking your tie and then you'ere going away
But if you had a chance to have it your way
You would be Miss instead of Mr today

You're having your tee
with Mr A, B and C
But you don't feel as free
as you would do if you were a she
you take every chance to touch them

You're back at your place
painting your face
But when he catches his breath
when he starst go get dressed
You're wiping the stains off of your chest

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